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my wife bought and paid 126,44 usd for a cell phone that doesnÂ't, even, accept the pin code.

First, it was paid (paypal) at 17.8.2011

(item shipped / tracked through ems)

second, it was shipped at 22.8.2011

third, received at 30.8.2011

two weeks payment to delivery !!!!!

despite all that, (i use to do on-line shopping, and i decided to take over and help her), i was really patient, when i received the phone, it had severe software problems, not cablibrated (impossible to tap the sim code), dual sim, not working, etc, etc

according to trade tang instructions, i opened a dispute, in order to prevent the seller to be paid, and i contacted the seller directly

in no more than 30 minutes, we had an exchange of emails based on his statement: "if you donÂ't close the dispute i won t help you and you will take more than 50 days to solve it" (all these emails were sent, also to trade tang customer support)

of course, closing the dispute was very risky (in the meantime, the seller would be paid...), so i escalated it to trade tang.

Now trade tang is asking me proof of what i stated from the very beginning. I sent them a video, but i don t have any expectations at all ; i really don t think iÂ'm ever going to be refunded.

whatÂ's really "funny" is that the seller doesnÂ't comply with "platform rules", and more, according to his own words "do whatever you want, i don t care", and, so far, trade tang doesnÂ't care also !!!

tried, and contacted my billy wu, the ceo of .... DoesnÂ't care also ; nobody really cares, in fact

i was following my wife on line purchase, because i own a it company, and was really interested in expanding business ; no more !!!

well be warned that we all know that buying on-line is a lottery, sometimes, but in chinese on-line shops is a real fraud ; donÂ't expect any support, guarantee ; even from paypal (with ebay, for instances, paypal cares about)

a similar email was posted in chinese foruns ; next day i was blocked in everyone of them (of couse i could invent another email, changing ipo address, but they really don t want to hear about who is spreading similar news)

take care, i didnÂ't....

Ps: The sellerÂ's name is:

Sinoideas limitedmr leo liu (code name "i-phone")tel: 86-0755-81797833 29304121mphone: 15013775216msn: chinalink2008@hotmail.comfax: 86-0755-81797883email: leevoo@126.comweb:

this information is going to be, also, published in all the internet relevant websites in order to prevent future similar situations

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Ted. H. Tang of East West Dental of 911 S. Lindsay Rd. #101 Gilbert, AZ 85296 and 21300 N. John Wayne Pkwy #104 Maricopa, Arizona is unknowledgeable and incompetent. Ted H. Tang of East West Dental did not know what to do????????? Sought treatment and he "did not know what to do".

What the heck? Did he go to Dental School and Pass???????

Only in Arizona. How do these dangerous unknowledgeable dentists get a license? Does anybody check to qualify these guys????

FIND ANOTHER DENTIST, this one is scary.

Do not count on the Dental Board of Arizona to be any help if you have a problem with a dentist. The AZ dental board is for the benefit of the dentists, they DO NOT help the public, LEARNED THE HARD WAY.

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Your post is useless since you didn't post any details.Didn't know what to about what?

What was your problem?

What didn't he know how to do?You wasted a lot of words and said nothing.

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